Trump just remade ocean policy - Here's what that means

National Geographic tells us that, among other things, the new order shifts focus from the environment to business interests and takes indigenous voices off the table.

The spill began with a bang. On August 20, 2010 a jet of natural gas surged to the Deepwater Horizon drilling platform. Fumes filled the air, signalling something was amiss—and then the rig exploded in a smoky blaze, killing eleven people on board. In the three months that followed, an estimated 507 million litres of oil gushed into the gulf, devastating marine life—from tiny microorganisms to sea birds and dolphins.

“We're still feeling the effects today,” says Andrew Rosenberg, director of the Centre for Science and Democracy at the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Amidst the clean-up, then-President Barack Obama issued Executive Order 13547, emphasizing the vital need for ocean and Great Lake stewardship. It established the first National Ocean Policy, noting that the Deepwater spill “is a stark reminder of how vulnerable our marine environments are, and how much communities and the nation rely on healthy and resilient ocean and coastal ecosystems.”

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