Unphub your bedroom!

What if putting your phone away from the bedroom could improve your relationships and help you focus on what truly matters? That is the question.

Bagby’s founders “believe people, especially couples, are increasingly disconnected from each other”. They’re here to make us more aware of how “the world today, as we know it, is confusing distraction with entertainment and the depth of human relationships with the superficiality of social media interactions”.

This recent project began when its members started a challenge they dubbed the “phone-free bedroom challenge”. The aim was to put their phones away and leave the bedroom as a space fully dedicated to themselves and their intimacy. No phones meant no distractions.

Five days later, they realized the benefits this change of behavior could bring to people, especially couples, as they fell asleep faster and decreased anxiety, at the same time as they increased their intimate moments. 

So, Bagby was born: “a non-tech solution to help people, especially couples, to disconnect and put their phones away so that they can have more quality time and focus on what truly matters”. 

A great way to Quit Phubbing.

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