Altogether, the oceans cover approximately 72% of Earth's surface and 90% of the planet's biosphere. The fact is that this huge mass of saltwater is currently not feeling so good.

It is urgent to stop killing, polluting, abusing the resources and being selfishly irresponsible as far as taking care of the ocean is concerned.

You’ve probably heard it in the news: global warming, sea level rise, climate change. It’s been studied, it’s been talked about. It’s time to act.

Besides being big, the world ocean – what we call the whole of the five oceans – serves as habitat to 230,000 known species. However, because so much of it is unexplored, the number of existing species is thought to be much larger, possibly over two million.

Ocean Watch as a statement is nearly as vast as the ocean itself. It means the urgency to preserve this huge mass of water that shelters, feeds and enchants billions of living beings. Fauna and Flora. Humankind included, although we're the ones who are making all the mess.

It's time to reform our behavior. It's time to watch over our oceans.

How can you help?

You can show that you support OCEAN WATCH in several ways, even without buying the shoes.

You can simply help with your signature. You can also wear the shoes and use Hikes Counter.

Watch the buzz generated at The Talk and make your contribution.

Check out the Get Involved menu to know more about ways to help.

Sharing an idea you care about is a generous way to change your world for the better.

We are ambitious in our mission. For that reason, we have defined several goals. Till the end of Ocean Watch Collection, we want to:

1. Make at least 100 Posts on The Talk.

2. Reach 5 000 Hikes on Hikes Counter.

3. Have no less than 100 Lip Signs.

The Ocean Watch Collection was designed according to fashion trends and inspired by the statement in different contexts.


A celebration of the huge variety of fauna living in the vast ocean, but also all the species that depend upon the masses of saltwater to survive.



These soft, peaceful tones wish to portray the gentleness of the flora that lives underneath the surface of the ocean.



We love the ocean. But with all its might, it can change a place completely within seconds. On most occasions, it happens because of the negative influence of mankind on the climate.



Inspired by the ocean's element: water. How we would like it to be kept clean and natural, no plastic islands floating around, no oil spots changing its color and no pollution.



There is a balance we need to achieve. Humans consume way too many resources taken from the sea. This is a wish for equilibrium.



We chose three tones for our most discreet line: seaweed green, so often associated with the surface of the ocean; the cream tone of sand, bed for all seawater across the globe; and purple, a symbol of all the beauty that lies in the ocean.



This is our naked model, the most classic option for people who love Standfor and want to participate in more than one statement, making the most of Hikes Counter.