Intersex Awareness Day

On Intersex Awareness Day, we dedicated this post to the people who struggle every day to be recognized among society.

The event, on the 26th. October, marks the first public demonstration by intersex people in North America, in 1996. It was outside the venue in Boston where the American Academy of Pediatrics was holding its annual conference. 
Intersex activists Morgan Holmes and Max Beck represented the now-defunct Intersex Society of North America, alongside allies from Transsexual Menace.

Holmes has written that the event was intended not as a demonstration but as participation in the conference. She states that Beck and Holmes had intended to deliver an address, "on long-term outcomes and to challenge their still-prevailing opinion that cosmetic surgery to "fix" intersexed genitals was the best course of action", but were "met, officially, with hostility and were escorted out of the conference by security guards". The group only later demonstrated, carrying a sign saying "Hermaphrodites With Attitude".

The commemoration day began in 2003 with the establishment of a central awareness raising site by Betsy Driver and Emi Koyama.

A central awareness raising site was later re-established in 2015 by Morgan Carpenter with Laura Inter of Brújula Intersexual, and support from Open Society Foundations.

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