Welcome to a special camp

Rainbow Day Camp and Camp Kickin' It are two innovative programs launched by enGender, a community-based nonprofit in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

It’s a project created by parents, caregivers, psychotherapists, teachers and friends of gender diverse youth who are gender creative, transgender, gender non-binary or exploring both gender expression and identity.

“We make sure camp is fun! and play-based. Our projects are engaging with innovative lessons on resilience and gender diversity and equity. We train our counselors well. Campers get to be regular kids with regular kid summers without being the 'othered.'”

enGender designs environments for youth without the pressure of going private and of feeling “scared” of their identity secret being revealed. By feeling safe and by playing amongst their peers with experienced camp counselors, campers see positive examples of gender diversity reflected back to them in wholesome play.

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